Recipes for Low-Fat Rooms

By Sharon Kreighbaum

We've all thought about improving our appearance, maybe losing weight, trying a new look with a different hairstyle, makeup or outfits. But have we ever thought that our home might need to lose weight as a way to improve its appearance or to make life more comfortable?

Sharon Kreighbaum's Is Your House Overweight - Recipes for Low-Fat Rooms is a delightfully colorful, 1950's-graphics-inspired, hard cover, spiral bound book, which flips just like an old fashioned cookbook with her diet for de-cluttering your home.

Along with helpful hints from illustrated design characters, pragmatic "Betty" and glamorous "Barbara" (as well as erudite interloper "Bob" the mouse), Sharon will inspire you to improve your home environment while helping the overall environment, with many laughs along the way.

This unique book includes beautiful, full-page before-and-after photos of cluttered-then-cleaned rooms with actual measuremnets of pounds and inches lost after using Sharon's diet method. There's a complete "recipe" section of step-by-step instructions on how to de-clutter, then reaarange each of your living spaces. Each recipe reminds us of the purpose of each room and gives ingredients for a low-fat version. She'll teach you what is meant by "Less is More," "Bigger is Better" and "Live Like You're on Vacation." And as an added bonus, she offers her favorite tips on cleaning made quick, cheap, and easy using homemade, money-saving, natural cleaners.

Sharon will inspire you, not just to de-clutter and help yourself, but to help others with donations or gifts of all the items that you're transitioning out of your space. Good for you. Good for others. Good for our planet.

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